My SF Giants Top 10 Prospects for 2014

Before we begin, I like to saw that these rankings are based on my opinions. Feel free to comment if you disagree with the rankings. 

1. RHP Kyle Crick-Crick is the top prospect of the Giants. I’ve seen him pitch a couple of times in San Jose and he seems really good. I think his control can get better to the point where he becomes an number 2 or ace. 

2.LHP Edwin Escobar – Escobar really established himself last year by the way he pitched in San Jose and Richmond. I would say that his ceiling would be a number 3 pitcher  and probably be a loogy at worst.

3. OF Mac Williamson- Had a decent season in San Jose but needs to cut down on some strikeouts and increase contact. I believe that he can be a regular starter at best and a bench player at worst

4. RHP Alberto Mejia- Had a good season at San Jose. I think will become better and bigger has he is still very young. He has potential to be a number 3 or 4 starter in the Giants rotation by 2015

5. SS Christian Arroyo- Arroyo has been better that what I had first thought of him. I like his bat a lot and think he might have a chance to stick at short. He is still very raw though and we have to wait a bit longer to find out if he is the real deal or not.

6. C Andrew Susac- very underrated catcher in my opinion. Has decent bat but needs to stop bringing injured. If Susac can improve defensively, he could move Posey to 1st in the future 

7.  LHP Ty Blach – Big fan of Blach. He has very good control and is a prospect that is going to break out in AA. He could be an effective bullpen guy in the future or an number 4 or 5 starter. 

8. RHP Clayton Blackburn- had a bit of an disappointing season in San Jose but he is still very young. Hope to see him progress in AA next year. If he can make improvements, I would slot him as a number 4 starter in the Giants rotation by 2015.

9. RHP Chris Stratton – A bit worried about his performance in Augusta last season as he was an advanced pitcher in the draft.  He still has potential to be moved to the bullpen if he continues to struggle.

10. RHP Derek Law – One of my favorite prospects on the Giants. Law had a breakout year last year in San Jose. He has a nice slider and could be a replacement for Sergio Romo by 2015 or 2016

Next Five:

Joe Panik

Keury Mella

Gary Brown

Joan Gregorio

Ryder Jones


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